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Unified Communication


Business communication has changed dramatically over the years.  Today, there are countless ways to reach each other. We combined all the key components for your business phone systems—voicemail, email, instant messaging, presence and video/audio conferencing – into one package.

Accession Communication enables you to use all those components into a single, cross platform user experience for your phone service. It will become the primary means by which your employees communicate with each other and their clients.

Key benefits of the unified communication services include:

  • Softphone enables voice communications, either within the client itself or integrated with the desk office phone or mobile device
  • Corporate directory/contact management – communicate with a click of a mouse, via IM, voice, or video. Add and subtract contacts from in or outside your company, or integrate with your Outlook contacts
  • “Presence” capabilities – know the status of your co-workers real time – available, away, in a meeting, or offline – so you know the best way to reach them
  • Works with Windows and Mac- based operating systems
  • Visual voicemail – listen to your voicemails in any order, also see the voice to text transcription
  • Integrate with Outlook email to see presence status and click to dial or chat
  • Integrate with CRM and business productivity tools such Salesforce, Sugar CRM, WebEx, and Google

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