How to Select the Right Phone System

Phone systems have advanced far beyond the basic, antiquated systems that many businesses are still using. A modern small business phone system can greatly impact the productivity and effectiveness of your business, and save costs along the way. How can you select the right phone systems for your company?

Many people are turning to managed voice phone systems, as they are the utmost in high quality, technically capable, robust systems. As a small business phone system, managed voice takes the challenging parts out of your hands and allows you to focus on your company instead.

With managed voice, your phone system and communications needs are handled by an outside company that ensures you are connected no matter where your workers may be. With VoIP phone connections, mobile connectivity, and a centralized management system, it is easy for both your staff and your customers to dial into your system and get the access they need without any issues.

Is managed voice right for you? If you are looking to upgrade from your basic phones, the answer is probably yes. This is a great phone system for businesses large and small.

With a managed voice VoIP phone setup, you will save money through VoIP phone to VoIP phone calls, as those are free. Normally, you would be paying for any minutes you spend talking. You will also save money by requiring less infrastructure and technology for your phone systems, especially when outsourced through managed voice.

If you are worried about losing the features you and your customers have come to expect, rest assured that it is not a concern, when working with VoIP phones. You can still implement features like hold music, employee extensions, call forwarding, conference calling, and more. The phones operate just like a traditional setup, but with a stronger, more effective infrastructure supporting the connections.

In the event that you run into problems with your phone systems, managed voice makes it easy to deal with. You do not have to troubleshoot on your own, or have someone employed in your company to do so. Instead, the managed voice or VoIP phone provider will handle any issues on their end of things, so your phone system will be up and running without any intervention from you or your staff.

Consider managed voice for your next phone system!

The Best Phone Systems for Small Businesses: Explained

There are various phone systems available to small business owners, each with their own sets of drawbacks and advantages.

Most people are familiar with a traditional phone system, in place for quite some time in most businesses. These phone systems require separate phone lines and associated cabling, and businesses must work with phone companies for billing, troubleshooting, and the like. Employees are generally not able to access the phone system outside of the office, and remote workers or those on their mobile devices must use separate numbers, making it difficult for customers to keep track of what number to call and when.

A modern small business phone system maximizes connectivity while cutting down on the infrastructure and resources required to keep communications running smoothly. For instance, as a small business phone system, VoIP phone technology converges data, voice, and internet, utilizing the connections you already have in place in order to power your telephones, too.

These phone systems are often less expensive than a traditional option, as they require less equipment, especially when managed out of office through a managed voice company. They also cut down on costs as calls from VoIP phone to VoIP phone are typically free.

In terms of productivity, a VoIP phone system allows remote workers and staff using mobile devices to be part of the regular phone system. It does not matter if your staff is in the office or out on the road somewhere; a customer calling for them calls the same number regardless. This makes it easier for staff to take calls and get business done, and keeps your clients happy. It also increases work hours available, as employees will be able to use their time with flexibility, knowing that they can use any device in any location to access the phone system.

An IVR system is a great addition to your small business phone system. The IVR system is automated, interacting with callers to collect their information and point them to the right staff member or members. Using voice input and keypad selections, the IVR system sorts out what your customers want. This again promotes productivity and reduced costs, as in most cases you will not need a human operator doing what the IVR system can do.

If you are looking for a small business phone system, try these options.

How the Right Phone Systems Can Improve Efficiency

Think your phone systems cannot affect your business productivity and efficiency? Think again!

For a small business phone system, or phone systems for larger companies, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can make a big difference.

The best VoIP service is one that allows you to save money. This is done through reducing your landline connections – VoIP uses your internet connection to transmit data and voice, and you already have an internet connection, most likely. Just reducing the equipment and infrastructure has already saved you money!

In terms of productivity and staff efficiency, the best VoIP service is one that is robust. Most VoIP services allow for standard phone features, like forwarding, routing, and hold services. The difference between these phone systems and traditional phone systems is that all of technology can be hosted remotely by your VoIP service provider, so again you are saving money.

Employees can be more productive with VoIP, as they are able to access the phone system on their mobile devices out of office, thanks to routing capabilities. You can save time this way, and potentially save money if employees are able to work from home or otherwise flex their schedules in a cost-effective way.

One big cost saver is that generally, calls between VoIP users are free. Whether you are calling in-office or making a call to a customer or another company that uses VoIP, instead of being billed by the minute, you will not pay a cent.

The best VoIP systems are also scalable, so if your company grows out of a small business phone system, you can add more connections and more capabilities without having to invest in a lot of infrastructure. This scalability makes room in your budget and ensures your phone systems are future proof so you will not have to expend funds on re-doing things down the road.

Choosing the right phone systems can greatly improve your efficiency, both monetarily and in terms of productivity. Switching to a VoIP system is sure to benefit your business in both of these ways, by cutting down on infrastructure costs and monthly billing, improving employees’ ability to remain connected no matter where they are, and increasing the number of calls you are able to take on any given day. Switch to VoIP and see the difference!

Comparing VoIP Service Providers in the Southwest

Are you looking for a business VoIP service provider in the Southwest? When you are trying to find the best VoIP service for your small business phone system it can be challenging narrowing down all of your options, especially in the Southwest, where there are plenty of business VoIP providers. Here is how to compare each provider to find the best VoIP service.

Think about the features you require in your small business phone system. Make a list of everything you need to do business properly, whether it is high level administration features, an auto attendant system to direct your customers, call logs so you can review usage, conferencing, forwarding, or other must-haves.

Next, make a list of the business VoIP service providers in your area, and find out what features they offer. Most companies have a web presence that details their business VoIP packages. This should help you compare companies and cross off those that do not have what you need in a small business phone system.

Finally, take a look at price points for the service providers remaining on your list. You likely have a budget in mind for your small business phone system, and want to get the best VoIP service for your dollars. Look at each VoIP package and consider how much you get for the money you will be spending.

You may also want to consider things like troubleshooting services, whether you are provided equipment or are leasing or buying it, and reviews from other business clients. This information can help you decide which VoIP service provider is the absolute best for your company.

When comparing VoIP service providers in the Southwest, it is definitely worth taking some time to research and ask questions. You can always get in touch with the individual companies to find out more about what they have to offer, and see if they can tailor any of their features to your company. The best VoIP service is one that is affordable, effective, and meets all of your needs without complication. A good business VoIP service provider will be happy to work with you to make sure that their offerings, whether it is full-on managed voice or something smaller, are the perfect fit for you, your overall company, your staff, and your clients.

Balancing Internal and External Communications with Your Business Phone Systems

Both internal and external communications are important to the success of your business. With strong phone systems in place, you can keep your focus on both aspects, finding balance with your small business phone system.

A balanced small business phone system is easy for both customers and staff to access. There is no extra weight given to internal nor external communications, instead, everyone is able to do what they need to do using phone systems.

Hosted PBX is one of the phone systems that exemplifies this. Using VoIP services, hosted PBX makes it possible to create a robust small business phone system that is equally good at handling internal and external calls. It is easy for your staff to make calls to their colleagues, and easy for clients to find the right staff member — with hosted PBX, everyone is connected, no matter where they are.

VoIP services make it possible for your employees to carry their office number with them everywhere they go. If they are on the road, working remotely, or spending the day in a home office, they can still make calls, and clients can still reach them. They will not have to use their cell phones or other devices separately from the office number. Instead, their work calls can ring right through to the device they choose.

Hosted PBX also takes some of the routine calls out of the realm of your staff, leaving them free to do other, more important things. With features like IVR and other automated options and menus, when customers call in, they can find the information they need without having to talk to an actual person in many cases. Your clients will be happy with easy to access, understandable information, and your staff will be happy to focus on other tasks. You can also use the robust features of hosted PBX to review past calls and make sure you are properly answering clients’ requests.

Balancing internal and external communications keeps your customers and your staff feeling good about the work being done through your business, and keeps things moving efficiently. By tailoring your small business phone system to meet the needs of both your employees and your clients, you will likely see great results financially and in terms of productivity and morale.