Top reasons to get VoIP for your small business

VoIP the Present and Future of Telecom Connectivity

With internet connectivity getting better by the day, more and more businesses are exploring the possibilities of using the internet to streamline operation. One of the most popular way to achieve this is by using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones. Landline are becoming obsolete and  many businesses are shifting to VoIP because of its many advantages over the latter. The following takes a look at some of the reasons why VoIP may be exactly what your small business needs as a communications backbone.

VoIP Is a Cost-effective Solution

Reducing operational costs always results in better returns for any business venture. Communication between the staff or with customers can be quite costly with the traditional phone systems. VoIP is much cost-effective as it by reduces both your communication and infrastructure costs.

Here is how VoIP cuts down the operational costs

  • A virtual PBX does away with the need  to hire someone to greet and distribute calls
  • There is no need for a separate voice and data networks as it routes phone calls over existing data networks
  • The operational cost is minimized as it utilizes existing network infrastructure
  • VoIP can secure calls utilizing standardized protocols like Secure Real-time Transport Protocol
  • It is able to transmit more than a single telephone call over a single broadband connection

VoIP Offers mobility and flexibility

Another benefit of VoIP is that it allows you and your staff to answer office calls while on the go. As a small business, this mobility and flexibility may be what you exactly need. The use of mobile devices will allow seamless communication between your main office and other different extensions.

Ease of upgrade

With VoIP it is easy to upgrade and you will not need to pay someone to do it. You have the ability to incorporate the same system hosted in the cloud to receive upgrades. This is good for a small business as you don’t have to worry about huge upgrade costs.

Superior customer support by vendors

VoIP vendors offer much better customer support that can address your small business needs much easier and quicker. Many of them, if not all, have web-based and over-the-phone support that eliminate the time delays to solve a problem when you have to wait for a technician as is the case with old phone systems.


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