The Best Phone Systems for Small Businesses: Explained

There are various phone systems available to small business owners, each with their own sets of drawbacks and advantages.

Most people are familiar with a traditional phone system, in place for quite some time in most businesses. These phone systems require separate phone lines and associated cabling, and businesses must work with phone companies for billing, troubleshooting, and the like. Employees are generally not able to access the phone system outside of the office, and remote workers or those on their mobile devices must use separate numbers, making it difficult for customers to keep track of what number to call and when.

A modern small business phone system maximizes connectivity while cutting down on the infrastructure and resources required to keep communications running smoothly. For instance, as a small business phone system, VoIP phone technology converges data, voice, and internet, utilizing the connections you already have in place in order to power your telephones, too.

These phone systems are often less expensive than a traditional option, as they require less equipment, especially when managed out of office through a managed voice company. They also cut down on costs as calls from VoIP phone to VoIP phone are typically free.

In terms of productivity, a VoIP phone system allows remote workers and staff using mobile devices to be part of the regular phone system. It does not matter if your staff is in the office or out on the road somewhere; a customer calling for them calls the same number regardless. This makes it easier for staff to take calls and get business done, and keeps your clients happy. It also increases work hours available, as employees will be able to use their time with flexibility, knowing that they can use any device in any location to access the phone system.

An IVR system is a great addition to your small business phone system. The IVR system is automated, interacting with callers to collect their information and point them to the right staff member or members. Using voice input and keypad selections, the IVR system sorts out what your customers want. This again promotes productivity and reduced costs, as in most cases you will not need a human operator doing what the IVR system can do.

If you are looking for a small business phone system, try these options.

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