Phones in the Internet Age: Advantages of Cloud PBX

Have you heard of hosted PBX or cloud PBX? This type of phone system is the latest and greatest in the internet age.

Also known as virtual PBX, this system works over the internet. Your hosted PBX starts out through a service provider, which gives your business a telephone number. You can rent or buy the phones you need for cloud PBX. Talk to the host about your options.

The expense of the phones is one of the only big expenditures you will have to make. You do not need to worry about installation or wires, as cloud PBX runs entirely over broadband internet.

Hosted PBX takes a lot of the worry out of your hands. Your service provider deals with the details, the troubleshooting, and the other things you have previously had to do on your own with a traditional phone system.

It also frees up more flexibility for your company. Your staff can access the virtual PBX network no matter where they are, using cell phones or other mobile devices, and still be reachable at the business number. You do not have to worry about various phone lines for remote workers, and your employees can be more productive.

Hosted PBX is also beneficial due to its extensive array of features. Think of everything you want in a phone system — call waiting, caller ID, voicemail — and add in even more! With virtual PBX you can easily install features like an IVR system that automatically interacts with callers, connectivity with email clients, and calling groups.

You may think that this would all cost a lot of money, but cloud PBX is quite affordable. It requires less infrastructure than many other systems, so your initial expenditure is not excessive, and after that you are simply paying a regular bill. A virtual PBX uses the internet connection you already have in place, so you are simply taking advantage of what is already there.

Hosted PBX is the way of the future, and is a great way to modernize your communications in a way that will easily carry forward over many years. This type of phone system is very scalable so if your business grows, there is nothing to worry about. It is easy to add new users to the system and create additional connections for new staff.

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