How to Select the Right Phone System

Phone systems have advanced far beyond the basic, antiquated systems that many businesses are still using. A modern small business phone system can greatly impact the productivity and effectiveness of your business, and save costs along the way. How can you select the right phone systems for your company?

Many people are turning to managed voice phone systems, as they are the utmost in high quality, technically capable, robust systems. As a small business phone system, managed voice takes the challenging parts out of your hands and allows you to focus on your company instead.

With managed voice, your phone system and communications needs are handled by an outside company that ensures you are connected no matter where your workers may be. With VoIP phone connections, mobile connectivity, and a centralized management system, it is easy for both your staff and your customers to dial into your system and get the access they need without any issues.

Is managed voice right for you? If you are looking to upgrade from your basic phones, the answer is probably yes. This is a great phone system for businesses large and small.

With a managed voice VoIP phone setup, you will save money through VoIP phone to VoIP phone calls, as those are free. Normally, you would be paying for any minutes you spend talking. You will also save money by requiring less infrastructure and technology for your phone systems, especially when outsourced through managed voice.

If you are worried about losing the features you and your customers have come to expect, rest assured that it is not a concern, when working with VoIP phones. You can still implement features like hold music, employee extensions, call forwarding, conference calling, and more. The phones operate just like a traditional setup, but with a stronger, more effective infrastructure supporting the connections.

In the event that you run into problems with your phone systems, managed voice makes it easy to deal with. You do not have to troubleshoot on your own, or have someone employed in your company to do so. Instead, the managed voice or VoIP phone provider will handle any issues on their end of things, so your phone system will be up and running without any intervention from you or your staff.

Consider managed voice for your next phone system!

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