How IVR Could Improve Your Business

What is IVR and how can it help your business? IVR stands for interactive voice response. An IVR system automates interactions with your clients when they call on the telephone. When they dial your number, they will not be at the whim of a human operator — instead, your IVR system picks up and starts navigating for them. That is one of the first benefits, as you won’t have to worry about missed calls anymore.

With IVR, the words your clients say direct the system. If they are trying to navigate to a certain department, want to check in on the status of something, or need to know when you are open or where you are located, the IVR system can handle this without requiring human interaction. This means your customers get quick, efficient service, and get the answers they want without wasting any time.

With an IVR system you can see the kinds of things your customers want and ensure that you are meeting their needs.  Better yet, a good IVR system tracks customer data and can personalize itself when it knows who is calling. That far exceeds what any human memory can do!

Using IVR gives your customers a consistent, reliable way to access business information without any worry about inaccurate information, getting stuck on hold, or being endlessly transferred. When your customers are able to get what they need quickly, they will be happy, and far more likely to return for repeat business.

IVR also works to improve your business as it frees up your employees to focus on more pressing matters than answering the phone for basic inquiries. Automation increases productivity which should in turn bump up your profits and have a real impact on your business.

IVR is typically a key part of any managed voice system, so it is certainly accessible. When you are looking for a managed voice service provider, inquire about the potential for IVR within your business. Odds are, it is already part of the managed voice package.

Stop wasting your time, and your employees’ time, with answering the same questions and requests over and over again. Set up your phone system with IVR and watch as your clients come away satisfied and your staff is free to pursue other business goals. It is a win win system for everyone!

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