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Beyond Limits

The cloud sets you free. Your hardware and operating systems no longer constrain you or tie you to your office wall. Regardless of whether you’re operating from your car, office, or in between, business phone systems travel with you. It’s little wonder Forbes launched The Cloud 100 list in May 2016: As simple as this digital asset may seem, it goes far beyond roaming services and the provision of analytics. It’s the technology of the future, and well worth its position alongside the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Voices in the Cloud

Cloud expert, Joe Weinman, said that using the cloud as a mere cost reduction strategy is “missing the bigger picture.” Cloud services are nuanced enough to offer ample room for human resources management and marketing strategy. You can:

  • supervise your staff
  • access client conversations on any online medium from any location
  • personalize your conferencing services
  • track call logs to monitor phone usage
  • integrate calls with Outlook
  • access social media accounts and online chatter

Cloud phone services are a tool like any other: they can be underused or exploited to reap colossal rewards. If you’re the type who reaches for operational excellence, you’ll use your cloud-based “PBX” system to improve customer intimacy and automate voice functions that whittle your voice services budget down significantly.

82% of businesses say they saved money by shifting to the cloud, and for excellent reason.  14% of companies manage to downsize as a direct result of cloud technology, which manages your interactive voice responses and provides VoIP services so that valuable employees don’t need to.

Going the Distance

Mobile and cloud-first services might be economically priced, but they’re still a long-term investment that will deliver robust returns if you exploit everything your service provider has to offer. Cloud automation is still gaining efficiency, letting your IT department focus on more important tasks and growing with your corporation.

The CloudNet Group ticks all the right boxes, with potent features to improve on your phone, fax, and conferencing tools. From a flexible voice call attendant to a comprehensive hosted voice service, we’ve got you covered.