The Uses of Office Phone Systems

Office phone systems exist for more purposes than just calling in and out. With managed voice and other similar modern features, your phone systems can do a lot for your business!

Think about why most companies have phone systems — it is to direct communications and give people links between one another, whether it is for internal or external communications. Now think about how those phone systems can be used effectively.

For customers and clients calling in, many are looking for information. When is your company open, how can they get a hold of a certain person, who can they talk to about a specific subject? An IVR system takes all of those conundrums and simplifies them. In an IVR system (which stands for interactive voice response) clients can simply call and start talking to the system.

Using their voice, and some touchtone keypad responses, they may be able to get the information they need without ever having to stop and talk to someone in your office, making things easier and faster for everyone involved. Or, they will be routed to the exact person they need to talk to, without going through various human operators to figure it out.

Modern phone systems also work well to expedite internal communications. With a managed voice system it is easy for coworkers to talk to one another, no matter where they are. If you have various office settings, or staff that works out on the road or from home, you can remove the need to keep different numbers in mind. Instead, with a managed voice system, all staff can work from the same basic number, with extensions that connect them to the main phone system even if they are picking up the call on a cell phone thousands of miles away.

This simplifies things for external callers, too, who just have to remember one business number to connect with anyone at that company.

Modern phone systems are filled with features that make running a business a lot easier. Managed voice systems let you track a lot of data, from call times to the types of interactions your clients are having with your IVR system. All together, these phone systems have many uses, far beyond simply picking up the phone to chat with someone. Welcome to the phone systems of the future!