How Data, Internet and Telephony Overlap

Gone are the days of separate systems for data, internet, and telephone. Now, your phone systems, data, and internet connectivity can all be combined into a convenient, cost saving package.

Converged infrastructure allows data and voice to be transported through a single network, and managed voice, virtual PBX, and VoIP phone systems are growing all the more popular as businesses realize just how much these overlapping systems can increase productivity, reduce expenses, and make their systems easier to use.

Managed voice services handle business phone systems in all respects, outsourcing this aspect of a corporation to an outside business that is experienced and capable in dealing with data, internet, and telephone infrastructure.

Having a managed voice setup saves your company both time and money. With someone else handling your virtual PBX and VoIP phone requirements, installation and maintenance are handled, freeing up time for you to deal with things on the business side. If there is an issue with data, internet, or telephone services, it does not matter – you can contact the same managed voice company for all issues, whether it’s with your phone systems or the internet connection.

Rolling all of your data, internet, and telephone needs into one overlapping system reduces the costs associated with redundancy. You will not be paying for each service, three times over – instead, you can combine all three and pay for one managed voice system, while still maintaining the same high quality communications system your staff and customers have grown to expect.

As technology improves and expands it only makes sense to use these robust systems to do more with less. Instead of dealing with various cables, systems, networks, and services for your data, internet, and voice, make it simple and stick with managed voice.

When you look at what other mid-sized and large companies are doing for their phone systems and internet connection, you will find that virtual PBX, VoIP phone systems, and managed voice are becoming popular options. All of this is for a reason – you get the same great features you are already used to, with all three services, but by switching to converged infrastructure, you benefit from cost savings, enhanced systems, and an easy to manage interface.

It makes sense to combine data, internet, and telephone – switch your business to managed voice and you will agree!

Comparing VoIP Service Providers in the Southwest

Are you looking for a business VoIP service provider in the Southwest? When you are trying to find the best VoIP service for your small business phone system it can be challenging narrowing down all of your options, especially in the Southwest, where there are plenty of business VoIP providers. Here is how to compare each provider to find the best VoIP service.

Think about the features you require in your small business phone system. Make a list of everything you need to do business properly, whether it is high level administration features, an auto attendant system to direct your customers, call logs so you can review usage, conferencing, forwarding, or other must-haves.

Next, make a list of the business VoIP service providers in your area, and find out what features they offer. Most companies have a web presence that details their business VoIP packages. This should help you compare companies and cross off those that do not have what you need in a small business phone system.

Finally, take a look at price points for the service providers remaining on your list. You likely have a budget in mind for your small business phone system, and want to get the best VoIP service for your dollars. Look at each VoIP package and consider how much you get for the money you will be spending.

You may also want to consider things like troubleshooting services, whether you are provided equipment or are leasing or buying it, and reviews from other business clients. This information can help you decide which VoIP service provider is the absolute best for your company.

When comparing VoIP service providers in the Southwest, it is definitely worth taking some time to research and ask questions. You can always get in touch with the individual companies to find out more about what they have to offer, and see if they can tailor any of their features to your company. The best VoIP service is one that is affordable, effective, and meets all of your needs without complication. A good business VoIP service provider will be happy to work with you to make sure that their offerings, whether it is full-on managed voice or something smaller, are the perfect fit for you, your overall company, your staff, and your clients.